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Antimicrobial resistance is one of the major challenges facing modern healthcare. 


Education has a fundamental role to play in combating antimicrobial resistance. 

AWARE is an interprofessional community committed to education and engagement in antimicrobial resistance and stewardship in Wales.


Click here to see a map showing where in Wales members are located. If you'd like to be part of AWARE and your site is not represented, e-mail AWARE.


Resources that you are welcome to use in your teaching. There are also more here


The aims of the AWARE project are:

1. To be a supportive community of practice where ideas, good practice and resources can be shared.

2. To build up an accurate, comprehensive picture of the AMR/AMS education and public engagement currently taking place across Wales, relating to particular professional groups, levels of training or geographical areas.

The eventual goals are a Welsh health workforce in which all staff are educated appropriately in AMR and AMS, and an engaged and informed Welsh public.

The group is interprofessional and Wales-wide. AWARE is open to all members of the Welsh healthcare workforce or students who are involved in training or educating staff, students or the public about antimicrobial stewardship and resistance,  E-mail AWARE if you want to be involved.

You can also find some information about the Clinical Infection Therapy CPD course which runs at Swansea University Medical School here.

If you are a member of the public, you can find patient information pages on Antibiotic Research UK's website here: 

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AWARE Resources

Here are a few examples of our resources. Most of our resources can be found on the Infection Resources page.




The Drugs crib-sheet is a basic introduction to antibiotic spectra for students, designed to be read after the Bugs crib-sheet.

Please note information has been simplified to student level, and it is not suitable for experienced practitioners or as a clinical decision-making guide


Can you solve these?!

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Some useful external resources

The 'caller' has the question sheet, everyone else has the bingo grid. Shout 'penicillin' when you complete a row! 

You can also adapt the difficulty level using this as a template

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AWARE survey 2022

Number of hours AMR/AMS education by members of AWARE
All Wales data


Number of individuals educated by members of AWARE
All Wales data


If you are an AWARE member and would like a breakdown of provision to staff groups and the public reported from your own individual Health Board please contact AWARE

This data was compiled from the responses to the AWARE 2022 end-of-year survey. Not all sites submitted responses, so it is an underestimate of the total activity.

Please see the News page for information about AMS education in Wales during the COVID19 pandemic.

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Clinical Infection Therapy - Intensive Interprofessional Course


This highly-regarded course has been running  since 2015. Staff from all the Health Boards in Wales have attended. It covers many aspects of clinical infection and microbiology, antimicrobial resistance and stewardship. It is suitable for all healthcare  professionals interested in infection and antibiotics. Please get in touch if you or a colleague are interested.

This course will run in the week commencing 21st October 2024, in-person at Swansea University. Expressions of interest are currently being taken.
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